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Packing and Machinery
for the food and pharmaceutical industry

Design and development of turnkey packaging and solutions for food packaging or filling machinery.

Who we are

JV&H Corporation is a company incorporated in Florida, United States with production plants in Latin America and Asia that manufacture flexible, rigid packaging and integral filling systems.

As part of our expansion plan, in 2016 we started operations in South America with our factory in Ecuador, specialized in: Thermoforming, Ice Cream Cones, Aluminum, IML and Injected.

25 years of hard work have made us have leading brands around the world within our client portfolio; and we keep growing.


To be a recognized corporation in industrial packaging and machinery solution through an integrated service.In this way, we benefit our customers, our people and strategic allies.


To be recognized by 2035 as the leading global corporation in innovation and specialized manufacturing of packaging and integral filling systems; manufacturing products with certified quality standards.Seeking that our culture is based on the development of our people and service to our customers, being generators of opportunities in each country in which we find ourselves.


Our values are based on faith in God as a main pillar, commitment, loyalty, teamwork, overcoming and innovation.Seeking to improve day by day to achieve our goals and be the ones we see.



We are part of world-renowned certifications, as a company we are committed to:

  • Reducing physical, chemical and biological risks that can directly or indirectly affect food.
  • Precautionary security in the logistics chain, the well-being of customers, suppliers and workers against wrongdoing.Train our staff in knowledge, skills and attitudes for better performance.

  • Train our staff in knowledge, skills and attitudes for better performance.

  • Establish effective internal and external communication channels.

  • Implement, maintain and communicate the Food Safety Policy at all levels of the organization and stakeholders.

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