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The Art of Packaging

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In today’s world, it’s normal for customers to have an abundance of choice when they are looking for a certain product. What features make our products stand out from the rest? What allows us to position our brand in our consumer’s minds? It’s the product’s presentation. The...


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Globalization has come to companies; The world is constantly evolving and an effective solution has to evolve at its own pace, with enough flexibility to adapt to unexpected changes in business conditions. Undoubtedly, this type of solutions are the fundamental bases to improve competitiveness in...

Leadership regardless of the role in the company

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This topic is very valuable to understand, because in many cases people who do not have a position of CEO, Director, manager, or if they do not own their business, believe they have no leadership, and they could not be more wrong.“Leadership has to do with the excellence of your work and your...

Implementing POLICY 0

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“THERE IS NO WORK SO URGENT THAT IT IS NOT DONE SAFELY”. For JV&H Corporation, it is a priority to protect our associates considering the correct identification and assessment of Occupational Hazards, for this we have established a Risk Prevention Plan aimed at controlling...

Quality as a competitive advantage

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A fundamental part of our business strategy is the determination of competitive market priorities and orientation towards the strategic environment of the organizations, aligned with the vision of the future and sustainability in the market. Today quality is not optional, we intend to be part...

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