Implementing POLICY 0


For JV&H Corporation, it is a priority to protect our associates considering the correct identification and assessment of Occupational Hazards, for this we have established a Risk Prevention Plan aimed at controlling all critical points in Factories and offices until they are reduced to 0.

Nothing of the established could be executed without the commitment and conviction of the Directors regarding the importance of Security. From there, an Occupational Health and Safety Policy was developed and disseminated to all levels of the organization. If you want to implement POLICY 0 in your company it is important that everyone is committed to follow this path.

As an initial part of the implementation process, we have involved associates in the identification of unsafe actions and conditions in order to minimize and control the Risk Factors; we can mention the following:

  1. Validation of Visitors and Contractors: All those who enter our organization know the risks and help to prevent them by complying with Safety, Health and Environment regulations.
    Why did we establish this control? Control helps us to be sure that our suppliers and those who visit us are committed, as we are, that safety should come first.
  2. Training Plan: knowledge and strengthening of preventive actions to all Operative and Administrative Staff in:
    1. Identification and Evaluation of Risks.
    2. Correct use and maintenance of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
    3. Control of High Risk Tasks.
    4. Participation and Control of Emergencies.
  3. Delivery of EPP: Control of risks in personnel Exposed, this point as the last control. Controls in the risk transfer medium.
  4. Inspection of Machines and Equipment: Identify Risks as part of our daily basics operation, through the Pre-operative Check Lists by the Operative Level of each Workstation, this being a condition to start if the equipment does not comply with the properly defined security standards.

Industrial Safety is a commitment of everyone in the organization, who day by day contribute with their actions to promote a Culture of Identification, Evaluation and Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases.

Wilmer Amaguaya
Occupational Health & Safety

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