Leadership regardless of the role in the company

This topic is very valuable to understand, because in many cases people who do not have a position of CEO, Director, manager, or if they do not own their business, believe they have no leadership, and they could not be more wrong.“Leadership has to do with the excellence of your work and your behavior. It’s about doing your job superbly in the position where you are at. It is about stimulating each of the people you work with. You do not have to have a position to be a leader. ” Robin Sharma

If we review concepts, “The Boss”, is the person who has authority or power over a group to direct their work or activities. Leader, is the person who front and guides a group. Leadership is the set of skills that a certain person must possess to influence the way people think or act. Being a manager does not assures you the leadership.

The leader can be at any level of the organization and depends on the ability that he or she has to make sound decisions, to listen, communicate, guide and influence their teamwork, colleagues, including their superiors; to work with enthusiasm in the achievement of goals and objectives of an area, business or a company.

From the moment a direction is received from a superior, we take the leadership of what we have to execute, and it is up to us to take the initiative to do things well, to improve them and make a true difference; To reach this it is very important to always have a positive attitude in any situation. We must prepare, be proactive, not wait or depend on others to do our work, we must leave aside the passivity; and, if it is necessary to support and work together with another person or area so that the final product is the expected one, it must be done.

From JV&H Corporation, Aldo Barona, our CEO, told us that each one must be “Manager of his position”, in this we can understand that he that he delegates confidence, that we are responsible for planning and directing our work, that we must know how to work as a team, we must be optimistic, honest and trustworthy, that is in us the ability to detect and solve a problem when it comes.

Developing leadership is within everyone’s reach, it is a training process, in which by putting our effort and dedication we will be able to become better professionals and people.

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