Globalization has come to companies; The world is constantly evolving and an effective solution has to evolve at its own pace, with enough flexibility to adapt to unexpected changes in business conditions. Undoubtedly, this type of solutions are the fundamental bases to improve competitiveness in your company. This is how the market directs its attention towards the automation of processes, which allows them to obtain better production volumes, higher personnel performance, stability in the levels of quality and innocuousness necessary to guarantee the standards that the market requires.

In this sense, JV&H, together with its staff of trained engineers, has designed and built the Thunnus™ solution for the integral filling of retort pouch covers especially designed for the packaging segment of tuna and sea products, which offers an automatic solution of filling both solids and covering liquids, with absolute precision in the weighing, free of adhesion problems, clean filling, integrating the vacuum and sealing processes in suitable chambers for this purpose, granting the flexibility for the multiformat handling of different presentations through a friendly and intuitive control interface.

For this solution, JV&H has developed a patent coating for the elements in contact with the material that prevents its adhesion to the walls of trays of transit, feeding and weighing, offering a significant advantage in precision with respect to the competition.

The system consists of the vertical lifting unit to feed the material mixture to the weighing unit, this unit works together with the feeder by Vibro Separation, which separates possible accumulations and distributes it in the collection trays of the Transport Unit Elevated towards the Multi-weighing machine. This Unit has as function, weigh and dose the product to be packed. It has fourteen weighing and distribution sections, which offers us the ability to perform a maximum of 120 weighing processes per minute. Once the filling process is completed, the sleeve is delivered to the vacuum chamber magazine, which performs the extraction of remaining air inside the pouch and seals it with high temperature, delivering the finished product to the outlet band. This entire process is executed on a rotating basis with 8 process stations and 10 vacuum chambers, with the cutting edge in control systems, sensors, measuring elements, PLC and HMI interface of the most recognized brands in the market.

The Thunnus™ system allows to save on labor, substituting large quantities of personnel through an automatic solution that allows to reduce costs and obtain the same product with the quality and safety that our customers need.

The goal is that you can have a complete and easy to manage solution that allows you to evolve without fear of the future. A powerful solution with all the functionality to reach the levels of large companies, but with the cost and time of implementation needed by small and medium enterprises.

Oscar Gómez
Gerente de Proyectos & Maquinaria

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